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Bandar Maharani in dire need of a spruce-up

MUAR: Sometime this year, Bandar Maharani will be officially declared as a Royal town by Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar.

A special function for the official declaration is being planned by the district office and the Muar municipal council.

District officer Amran Abdul Rahman had hinted that the official declaration for the town’s royal status would be made in due time.

Amran added that he had also issued directives to local authorities, departments and town residents to ensure the town is always clean and beautiful.

However, checks showed that the town’s busy area including bus and taxi terminals along Jalan Maharani are lacking of basic amenities including garbage bins.

Rubbish can be seen strewn along and inside the drains near the terminals and the area where the express buses wait for passengers also looks dirty.

Commenting on the matter, Muar Hired-car Owners’ Association

chairman Sidik Tambi said the town’s transportation hub should be upgraded and beautified first before the town is given a royal status.

He said the terminals are among the busiest facilities in the town utilised by commuters and visitors both domestic and foreign during weekends and festive seasons.

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Category: Complaint & Travel Alert