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Call to reopen abandoned pool

By Chong Chee Seong

WASTED FACILITY: The swimming pool, abandoned for over 20 years, was built in 1981 with a grant from the Johor government at a cost of RM250,000

MUAR: THE call to Muar Municipal Council to reopen the abandoned Olympic-size swimming pool at Tanjung Emas in Muar has grown louder each day, following Pandelela Rinong Pamg’s winning of the bronze medal at the London Olympics.

The pool, abandoned for more than 20 years, was constructed in 1981 with a grant from the Johor government. The construction cost about RM250,000.

The pool was privatised in 1988 and returned to the council after the tenancy expired. The council had faced many problems in running the pool as swimmers complained of structural defects and health problems.

The pool was then given a RM50,000 facelift in 1990 to improve its water purification system and upgrade the showers, toilets, lighting and tiling.

The building was also given a fresh coat of paint. An open-air restaurant, a poolside canteen and rest areas were also built.

After renovation works, the council offered the pool to the private sector to operate but there were no takers, and the council had to close it down.

Since then, monitor lizards have been making the abandoned pool their home. The compound are also overgrown with weeds.

At least three monitor lizards, with one measuring more than three metres long, can be seen at the poolside daily, according to locals.

Deputy Youth and Sports Minister and member of parliament for Muar Datuk Razali Ibrahim said the council is responsible for the swimming pool.

“I do not know if it plans to repair it or build a new one,” he said at his Hari Raya open house at Laman Zainah, Kampong Seri Menanti, here recently.

“I have received numerous requests that the pool be reopened immediately.”

Razali said he did not know whether the council had applied for allocation from the government but added that if it did, he would support it.

“Students here have been deprived of the use of the pool for such a long time. This has prevented the swimmers from training to compete in national and international competitions and excel in them,” he said.

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Category: Complaint & Travel Alert