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Danger from exposed switch box

By Hai Rozzaman Jalal

CALLING FOR ACTION: Park visitors want the authorities to repair the switch box before a tragedy happens

The switch box at Tanjung Emas recreational park in Muar. Pic by Hai Rozzaman Jalal

LEDANG: THE exposed electrical switch box at the Tanjung Emas recreational park is a danger to the public, especially the children.

A check showed that the switch box’s lid has been damaged and it cannot be locked.

Visitor Umar Sarkinin, 60, said with the box open, there is a danger of people coming into contact with the live wires.

“It is dangerous, especially for children, as the box is near the park, which is a favourite among visitors.”

Umar said he was worried that children playing at the park who come into contact with the box may get an an electric shock.

“The local authorities should take immediate action to repair the box to prevent accidents.

“The park is a favourite among the public, especially during school holidays and weekends,” said Umar.

Mohd Hairulnizam Othman, 35, urged the authorities to monitor the situation at the park to ensure the safety of the visitors.

“Children would not know the danger of touching the box,” he said, while urging parents to keep an eye on their children if they were playing there.

“I hope the authorities take immediate action to repair the switch box,” he said.

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Category: Complaint & Travel Alert