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Dutch Houses in Muar

One of several historic buildings in the quaint town of Muar, these three residential houses with Dutch architectural design stands along Jalan Othman in contrast to the other houses surrounding them. A row of narrow, two-storey linked houses that will make you wonder about its past occupants and how these houses came to be.

These old but lasting buildings provides one of few remaining reminders of the state’s past, with the invasion of foreign forces including the Dutch. Today, these buildings are often visited by those interested in capturing and witnessing a slice of the past.

I have been looking up and down for last five years on where are the dutch houses and several inquiries in internet got no answer because most people have no clue what is dutch house. My Goodness! Actually I knew these buildings existence since my school days in 80s because my rented room is not far away from these odd linked houses.

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Category: Heritage