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Finally, Muar’s foothold in tourism

MUAR is like a step son as far as Johor tourism development is concerned.

It looked even more like one after all the mega tourist destinations in Johor Baru opened their doors one after another since last year.

First, we had the Johor Premium Outlets, followed by the Legoland Theme Park which attracts foreign tourists like never before.

The next tourist destination for foreigners after Johor Baru is Malacca, followed by Kuala Lumpur and Penang before concluding their Malaysian tour.

Muar is always given the miss despite its proximity to Malacca. It hardly enjoys any spillovers or any of the tourism crumbs from the vast tourist arrivals in Malacca.

Blame it on feng shui if you want, but Muar is no less an attraction compared with other tourist destinations in the state.

It is probably the only district which has published books on travel and food guide on its own.

I reviewed one of the books which I have been told is selling like hot cakes.

Muar is Singaporeans’ favourite destination.

Every weekend, it is common to see chartered vans and buses from across the Causeway to this royal town.

Usually, their one-day tour includes temple visits and savouring the local delicacy which needs no introduction.

However, Muar needs more than just Singaporeans.

Over the years, I have written many articles on Muar including fruit farming in Bukit Pasir and Bukit Mor; traditional delicacies such as cakar ayam in Kampung Parit Yusof; historical sites of Kota Buruk and Kota Biawak Busuk; oyster farming in Parit Tiram; bird-watching and seafood in Parit Jawa; as well as on a wide array of food and other tourist sites.

Muar has so much to offer but I wondered if there is any effort at all by the state government to promote the district, more so when the focus now is on Iskandar Malaysia.

So, when I heard about the Malacca-Muar Coastal and Riverine Development Project 2014-2016, I felt that there was hope for Muar.

Under the project, Johor and Malacca will join hands to develop a RM700-million inter-state eco-tourism project focusing on the coastal, riverine and mangrove ecology.

Using boats as the means of transport, tourists coming to Malacca will have a new tourism option, that is to explore the coastal and riverine attractions of both Malacca and Muar.

Although such a tour will only appeal to a certain class of tourists, this is already the first step in the right direction in promoting Muar.

In fact, such a symbiotic cooperation is needed in promoting Muar as the district will have to count on those tourists coming to Malacca.

Such a unique tour will also appeal to domestic tourists like me as there has never been any tours of such kind.

I look forward to the realisation of this project.

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