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Fishermen’s museum in Muar

Fishing equipment used by fishermen in the old days. Pic by Shenton Thomas de Silva.

Fishing equipment used by fishermen in the old days. Pic by Shenton Thomas de Silva.

FOR THE RECORD: Muar-Batu Pahat Fishermen’s Association planning to set up a museum dedicated to the fishing industry in Parit Jawa.

PLANS are under way to set up a fishermen’s museum in Parit Jawa, which will feature the community’s rich history and heritage.

Muar-Batu Pahat Fishermen’s Association president Ser Boon Huat said the museum would exhibit antiques, artifacts, tools and other items of historical value used by fishermen in the past.

“I believe that by preserving these items under one roof, Johor can attract more tourists and visitors who wish to know more about its fishing industry,” he said at Parit Jawa fishing village, here recently.

Ser said association members had come across rare artifacts collected by families of fishermen. Some were also found dumped on vacant land. Ser said that these artifacts should have been kept in a museum.

“Parit Jawa was a flourishing trading centre which attracted vessels from China,” he said. “They brought goods to Johor and took home our local products.

“Some of the sunken vessels can still be found off the Muar coast,” he said.

Ser called on fishermen to donate old fishing boats, fishing nets, traps and equipment, old photographs, cups, plates, water containers and cooking utensils salvaged from sunken vessels to the museum.

“These priceless artifacts will enable the younger generation of fishermen to learn more about the fishing industry of the past.”

He said several artifacts found in Parit Jawa, such as a stone carved with Chinese characters and an iron anchor had disappeared. He urged those who had taken them to return the items to the museum.

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