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Gunung Ledang aims for more visitors


TOURIST SPOT:The new attractions to the park include its Herbal Park

Gunung Ledang is a favourite spot for nature lovers and campers. Pic by Shahrul M. Zain

GUNUNG Ledang National Parks Corporation is expecting to attract more than 50,000 visitors this year after numerous upgrading works to its facilities were completed recently.

Its director Suhairi Hashim said up to May this year, the park had recorded 7,646 visitors. The roads into the park are now tarred thus making it more accessible.

Suhairi said based on an estimate of 300 visitors a day, including 200 climbers, the park would easily record more than 50,000 visitors for the remaining of this year.

“We have also upgraded and refurnished all our facilities for the comfort of our visitors.

“New attractions like our Herbal Park are among the reasons for the increase in visitors,” Suhairi said when contacted.

The new attractions to the park include its Herbal Park.

Gunung Ledang attracts climbers worldwide as the mountain is one of the most challenging ones to conquer.

“We have upgraded the mountain trail routes. At the foot of the mountain and surrounding areas, there are areas for the climbers to stretch and load their packs.”

Suhairi said the facilities at the resort have also been upgraded. There is a hall for those attending courses or conducting researches.

The type of visitors that the park attracts consist of holidaymakers who come with their family members to enjoy nature, students from educational institutions, local and foreign researchers and also climbers.

There are also those who are particularly interested in the park’s flora and fauna and also uniformed bodies who set up camp.

Those who frequent the park for research purposes include Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM), Universiti Sains Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi MARA and also Universiti Tun Hussein Onn.

Holidaymakers normally make their way to the park on weekends and school holidays.

One will see researchers and participants of courses organised by FRIM at the park’s resort on most weekdays.

The park attracted 1,292 visitors in 2003; 11,155 in 2004; 18,154 in 2005; 19,230 in 2006; 13,239 in 2007; 16,832 in 2008; 16,062 in 2009; 16,085 in 2010 and 21,043 last year

There was a decrease in the number of visitors in 2007 due to the worst flood ever to hit Johor.

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