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Historical Assets In Muar

Old buildings in Muar are part of our history and cultural with each building having its own story. Most of these stories are etched in the older generation’s memories or may have drifted away with the passage of time. Old buildings are in fact historical assets of the society but they are always neglected.

Can old buildings survive in modern society and how should them be protected?

Most of the old buildings in urban area of Muar are at least a century old. Some maintain their charm under their owners’ loving care but some have been abandoned and are now covered with mosses and grasses. Old buildings are therefore pathetic.

Muar was well known as a port in the early days. However, as time goes by, people are not paying attention to old buildings that have witnessed the development of Muar. Many old buildings are therefore crumpling.”A few old buildings in Jalan Tiga are left in disrepair for a long time and have collapsed over time.”

Most of the old buildings in Muar are located at the city centre. Some are still being used for commercial purposes and some are carefully protected by their owners. However, there are also some old buildings being left vacant and overgrown with wild plants.

Unique old buildings along Jalan Satu and John Terry

When I walked alone in the city, I found that old buildings along Jalan Satu and Jalan John Terry were most unique. They had no splendid designs, instead, they were old but tough. They still live in these buildings today.

Meanwhile, rain shades and extended balcony which used for clothes drying or gardening have been added to these old buildings in Jalan Majidi.

As for old buildings in Jalan Dua, most of them are used for commercial purposes and some owners are still living in the second floor. But it is a pity that many damaged sculptures are left in their sorry state.

Life is sentimentally attached to old days

A few old buildings in Jalan Tiga are left in disrepair for a long time and have collapsed over time. This is the brutal reality.

Perhaps old buildings are really old and their damaged bodies might not be able to display its beauty. But through a talk with local elders, I found that they are sentimentally attached to the lives living in old buildings. They miss those days.

Three Dutch buildings built in 1928 could be found in Muar and they have become a unique feature. Two of them still look great with careful attention from their owners.

Blacksmith shops sunk in modernisation

There were a well-known blacksmith street in Jalan Empat as many blacksmith shops could be found along the street. But today, these shops have disappeared.

Old blacksmith shops are now vacant and new shop lot projects will be starting soon.

Old buildings are gradually replaced by new ones and it is in fact depends on owners whether to give new life to old buildings. (Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE/ Sin Chew Daily)

Category: Heritage