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Kundang Ulu takes flood preventive measures [坤蘭烏汝]

Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE
Sin Chew Daily

The Kundang Ulu new village, which is located next to Grisek, had encountered several massive floats over the past few decades.

Although the massive floods were painful experiences, they have at the same time taught villagers a lesson and they now know how to take preventive measures and observe signs of floods. For instance, the habitable floor levels of many buildings in Kundang Ulu have been raised to prevent floods.

Villager Huang Zhu Geng, 61, pointed out that during the British colonial era, villagers were required to move into Lenga, but the village was retained after the then powerful Malay village head fought to keep the village.

SJK(C) Kung Yu Board Chairman Chen Duan Qing, 46, said that the school once had 120 students in 1996 but the school has only 64 students now due to the loss of population.

He said that most young villagers have moved to Bukit Gambir and other places, causing aging signs to the village.

“Agriculture is the main economic activity here and I once hoped that young people could see the values and potential of the industry, and return. However, it is difficult for the massive changes in prices to attract them,” he said.

Kundang Ulu village head Shi Ya Cai, 58, said that the new village currently has about 1,500 of villagers. About 1,100 of them are Chinese and the rest are Malays. They have been living in harmony and tranquility.

He said that Kundang Ulu is actually a very comfortable place to live but many young people have chosen to move out due to flood problems.

“Everyone has to get prepared if there are floods in Segamat as Kundang Ulu can hardly be spared if there are floods in Segamat,” he said.

Huang Qi Tan, 72, said that the Kong Hock Tong, which was established more than 40 years ago, has played an important role in the new village. It mainly provides villagers welfare, and venue for banquets and events, including wedding and funeral.

He said that Kundang Ulu is a quiet and cozy small village with good law and order. The place become more bustling when many young people return during the Qingming and Hungry ghost Festivals.

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