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The King of Lion Dance Statue

Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman (fifth from left) officiating the event at Jalan Bentayan in Muar.

Lion dance is originated from China, where the Chinese migrants brought the cultural heritage with them when they settled down in Malaya like Muar. The dance is played during the major festivals like Chinese New Year to mark the auspicious day and pray for the prosperity and peacefulness.

Muar Kun Seng Keng lion and dragon troupe (關聖宮龍獅團) was formed in 1988 and high-poles dancing technique was invented to gain more acrobatic and rhythmic movements in the performance. Muar KSK had achieved astonishing result in the international lion dance competition by winning 42-time world championship title.

Lion dance has propagated, transcended and inspired many others beyond the national borders, racial differences and age gap to become a popular folk culture internationally.

Lion dance was nominated as a national heritage by the Malaysian government in July, 2007 and it’s a great honour for such as official recognition on a Chinese culture.

Johor Menteri Besar Dato Haji Abdul Ghani had agreed to erect a lion dance statue in Muar city as proposed by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Muar during the 2010’s Chinese New Year celebration party. The construction plan approval from Muar City Council was granted on May 2011.

The statue was sculptured from the green jade stone by artisans in China with a size of 10 feet tall, 6 feet length and 3 feet width.

The lion dance statue or replica is standing tall and proud in Bentayan as a symbol of Muar is the city of lion King.

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