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Makan-makan Muar


LITTLE is known about the street food in Muar, Johor.

And if you have relatives living at this riverine town in the Northernmost tip of the state, you will be blown away with the variety of good makan places that can be found here.

I made a trip down South recently and was shown around by my wife’s cousins Ronnie and Felicia Lau.

When we arrived, Michelle my wife and I went on a walkabout around town and discovered some really interesting landmarks.

First, we ended up at mamak shop (GPS N 02 02 777, E 102 33 957) at Jalan Sisi oppostite Kingdom hotel.


Famous landmark: The vibrant scenario at the Yong Kee coffeeshop.

The signature dish here is the Sup Kambing (RM4.50) which turned out to be pretty decent.

We also ordered a plate of Mee Goreng which was absolutely horrible.

If you are a Mee Bandung Muar lover, there is Mui Lee coffee shop (GPS 02 02 856, E 102 34 142) located along Jalan Meriam.

Savoury find: A plate of Mee Rebus reasonably priced at RM2.50.

This melting pot for Muar residents is owned by a Hainanese family who are famous for their toast bread and Kopi-O.

Noteworthy, is a stall managed by an elderly Malay man and his two sons offering Mee Bandung (RM2.50), Lontong (RM2.00) and Satay(50sen a stick) which is good and cheap.

Next, if you have an appetite for pork satay, the place to be is Yong Kee coffee shop (N 02 02 822, E 102 34 102) which is also located at the corner of Jalan Meriam.

This is said to be one of the best around town, some even say, as far as Singapore. A stick of pork satay costs 70 sen.

Now, the interesting fact about this coffee shop is that they have stalls for the morning and night crowd.

Apart from pork satay, the wantan mee here is also one of the best in town.

At RM3.50 a plate, one cannot complain about the quality of the food served here.

To get to Muar, its about three hours drive from Johor Baru via the Plus North-South highway and two hours from the Klang Valley on the same route.

There are ample hotels in Muar for those who want to spend a night, but highly recommended, is a day trip where you can have your makan at the places mentioned. [Courtesy of The Star]

Category: Foodie Blog