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Monkey Habitat @ Tanjung Ketapang

Tanjung Ketapang is next to Tanjung Emas facing The Malacca Straits. The upgrading of the Tanjung Ketapang recreational area three years ago included the construction of a 50m long concrete bridge to connect the coastal mangrove forest to the main road.

The mangrove along the coastal line is home to wild monkeys or macaques. There are “volunteers” come to feed monkeys during the noon and evening hours.

The monkeys here are not aggressive and ferocious unlike their cousins in Penang Botanic Garden. Some young monkeys are quite playful, a little naughty monkey in the below photo was twice throwing food residues to the face of a Malay gentleman standing beside me for fun. 🙂

What are the casual activities after eating such a plentiful of free lunch? Some monkeys are resting on the tree branches while a few adult monkeys are busy to perform “monkey show”.

Feeding on monkey shall be prohibited to avoid changing the monkey behavior to over dependant on food from the human.

New seaside viewing platform. It’s much better if the platform extends out 20-30 meters to have full view of Malacca Street.

Travel alert: There were cases where children and women in the jogging attacked by the monkeys at the golf course compound. Actually there are four to five groups of monkey, those groups residing in the Ketupang park generally are tame and friendly as long as no provocation against them.

Some monkeys even no shy to ride on the motorbike and allow those people known to them rubbing their head and back.

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Category: Eco-tourism