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Street Food & Cuisine

The small riverine and Johor royal town, Muar is famous for its food. The most well-known local food are “otak-otak”, “Mee Bandung Muar”, Fried Oyster Omelette and Satay. Most of the stalls are concentrated along Jalan Abu food street, also known as “T’am Cjia Kueh” in Hokkian dialect [The Glutton Street].

Muar rojak at Tanjung Emas Park is also famous for its delicious taste. Good seafood can also be found in Parit Jawa.

Muar coffee with its thick fragrance like Brand 434 at the opposite of Bentayan Bus Station is unique.

Muar Chinese Food Trails

Morning’s breakfast: Jalan Yahya

Type of food served: Curry laksa, Teochew Pork Offal Soup, baked Hainan bread, Char Kway Teow, Wanton mee, pork porridge, chicken rice, Teochew Chwee Kueh, Teochew Chai Tao Kueh, Hokkien Char Hae Mee, Teochew kueh chap, Bak Kut Teh, Chee Cheong Fun, Kuih Apam Balik Cina, etc.

Afternoon’s lunch: Jalan Haji Abu a.k.a Glutton Street and Jalan Sisi

Type of food served: Otak-otak, red roasted meat rice, Teochew braised duck rice, Teochew fish soup porridge, Hainan curry rice, Hainan chicken rice ball, Char Kway Teow, Wanton mee, fish ball noodle, Nyonya snacks, pau, oyster omelette, pork and chicken satay, dough fritters (Yu Char Kuih), etc.

Evening’s dinner and supper: Bentayan Hawker Center

Type of food served: Braised duck rice, fried chicken wings, otak-otak, oyster omelette, wanton mee, pork porridge, etc.

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Muar Malay Food Trails

Mee Bandung is synonymous to Malay halal food, the famous shop is Selera Bandung Muar at Jalan Abdullah. Asas pedas fish is another Muar signature Malay food, available in many shops and stalls like in Seafood court at Sabak Aur and Pantai Leka, Paria Jawa.

Satay is sold in the morning for breakfast, a unique culture in Muar.

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