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Muar Heritage Artifact Photos

Seeking heritage artifact photos

Bicycle with dynamo generated bulb, trishaw, old radio sets, old houses, old lamps, old books, old receipts, Japanese banana tree money, cinema movie pamphlets (My mum asked me to throw away a few hundred 70s old movie pamphlets in earlier 90s which I obeyed is a regret. A piece of old movie pamphlet is sold for at least S$5 in Singapore flea market), etc. are few examples of disappearing and diminishing cultural heritage assets and artifacts in Muar.

We need Muarians to share their old collections from their parents, grandparents and grand grandparent with other Muarians.

These antics and old photos can be exhibited in the future Muar museum (sadly, still no such plan from BN state government). This column will serve as a Muar digital museum.

Kindly send the scanned images to

Category: Muar Digital Museum