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Muar is a safe city for tourists? A bully at Bentayan Food Court.

I have informed several parties like MCA Bakri, Adun Bentayan and Muar MCA leader, Chris Lee about this incident. Do not let a fry spoils the broth, such a hawker will ruin the image of Muar tourism.

I (as webmaster for visited MCA Bentayan Food Court yesterday’s evening for a dinner. I encountered an unpleasant incident when an Indian hawker who is selling kacang putih on foot was disturbing me and challenged me to fight with him after I declined his sell. I immediately called up police for help since the bully is sitting next to the exit nearest to me and stared at me with hostilely . I deem his rude behavior like inviting to fight with him like a man is an intimidation to hurt me and stopping me from leaving food court.

A local folk like me is still subjected to a criminal intimidation by a hawker. I doubt tourists will dare to do as me by calling up police and making a police report against the bully on the spot. Do not see calling police for help a chicken out action because I do not want to be jailed for dog-fighting with a bully in the public place. As a trained ex-serviceman, I do not see violence is a correct solution to stop bullying because we have to assess our own capability and safety when confronting the bully who may be drunk or taking drug.

I STRONGLY urge Muar MCA, the owner of the food court to take necessary actions to protect the safety of thousands of customers who visit the Food court. The management of food court is liable for the personal safety of their customers from any physical or verbal assault by hawkers.

Do not let a fry spoils the broth, such a hawker will ruin the image of Muar tourism.

The police report copy will be posted later after I blackened some sensitive personal info.

Category: Complaint & Travel Alert