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Muar Street View :: Jalan Mariam

jalan meriam @ map

Jalan Mariam is a third parallel road with Muar river if you count it from the riverside. Local Chinese used to call it Sar Beh Lor or third road. The signature color for the street is pink.

Rex air-con cinema is used to be a vibrant hanging place in the street during the 70s and early 80s before VCD player dominated the market. The cinema was shut down in late 80s due to losing its movie goers and converted to an electrical appliance shop.

There were two bookstores along the street, only one is still opened for business.

The oldest Hindu temple (Nattukkottai Chettiars’ temple) in Muar is located at the mid section of the street. The temple has a unique and beautiful steeple of the dome with traditional Hindu architecture decoration. An old soybean ketchup factory opposite the temple also long gone. Further down the street is JKR office, police station and Muar High School.

A variety of delicious Chinese and Indian food like curry laksa (Hua Nam Coffer Shop), Hainan curry rice (Lusan Coffee Shop), Hainan chicken rice balls (Jit Fat Restaurant) and beef soup (Muar Soup House) can be found at Mariam street.

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