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Tanjong Emas Recreational Park

Tanjung Emas Park @ Tanjung Emas recreational park overlooking Muar River is the place to go. This recreational park has a food court offering local delicacies if you get a little hungry. Try the ikan asam pedas (fish cooked with tamarind sauce and chilli paste) for which this town is famous. Muar rojak is another dish you should try.

Muar State Railway’s old locomotive set is displayed in an open field next to the food court, a historical exhibit unnoticed by many people that there was a railway from Muar city to Parit Jamil from 1889 to 1925. Check the MSR symbol on the set body!

Dataran Tanjung Emas with a clock tower standing majestically behind it is an ideal place for social dancing, physical exercise, kite flying and social gathering and party.

A roller ski track facility and there are plenty of rest shades if the sun gets too hot and also a children’s playground to keep the little ones amused.

The park, which is much visited during the weekends, also houses a 9-hole golf course, Tanjung Emas Golf Club.

A 45 minute to one hour Muar River Cruise departing from this park is also available to offer tourists spectacular views of Muar city from the Muar River.

Tanjung Emas is a popular jogging and also a angling place, where city dwellers come in droves to jog in the early morning and evening. Night angling  at Muar estuary is becoming a popular hobby for locals.

The cape beside the golf course is a perfect location to watch sunset view on the Malacca Straits.

Nearby, Tanjung Ketapang is next to Tanjung Emas facing The Malacca Straits. The mangrove along the coastal line is home to wild monkeys or macaques but harmless and tame to visitors who feeds them.

On the left before the park entrance is a dilapidated and abandoned Olympic standard swimming pool, the first one in the Johor state. Extreme sports venues like go-kart track and paintball war game are next to the swimming pool.

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Category: Leisure