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Old buildings in Muar are losing charm

The old buildings in Muar are losing originality and charm with irresponsible development under BN government.

Royal Town title means nothing if all old buildings are rebuilt like this Paris Hotel.

I hope Johor Sultan will intervene and also urge Muarians to form a Heritage Preservation Society to work with the owners and Muar Municipal Council before it’s too late.

This is Paris Hotel in Jalan Abdullah before and after renovation. Instead of restoring to 1926’s art deco design, the building is rebuilt with 2012’s modern design. I remembered it fitted with the wooden windows in 70s.

Before with a veranda photographed in 2006

Under renovation with 2012 modern design


Any difference with the new buildings in Melaka Raya? 1926 should be changed to 2012 with the new design!

Category: Complaint & Travel Alert