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Pagoh Stone Hill

Pagoh stone hill is a private property owned by Bu Seng Chong, it was discovered incidentally in 1994 after Mr. Bu purchased these 55 acres land for his horticulture business expansion. A Singapore TV movie, “The Journey to the West” used to film its monkey king’s birth place here.

All visitors are allowed to enter the hill at free of charge courtesy of Mr. Bu. Good housekeeping, no flower picking and no thievery ethics should be followed strictly by all visitors.

The quaint hill is inside a horticulture garden, is growing with various species of tropical trees and flowers.

Giant stones in various beautiful shape and size, carved by the natural forces in million years are lying peacefully and elegantly on the foothill till the hill top.

Staircases and walkway are built along the hill slope for visitors to reach out the peak with ease. A small shrine is situated at the mid-hill.

On the hill top, several viewing platforms are available, but over grown trees have blocked out the panoramic view on the surrounding landscape.

Plus highway and Pagoh R&R station are visible on the left hand side, while a quarry and concrete premix factory are on the right. The panoramic view on the plain lying below is magnificent and breathtaking.

Besides enjoying the magical stones, bird watching in the garden is another leisure activity for the birders.

On the foothill, two wild boars are captured and reared in a fenced open field. These beasts are bit shy, always distance themselves from we predators.

How to get there?

If you are driving from Pagoh Plus interchange along Jalan Muar, you will see a T-junction on the right after a few kilometers from Nasuha Herb Park with a KCC road sign.

Those driving from Muar city, the T-junction is on the left with Pagoh Premix road sign is facing you.

T-junction GPS Coordinates: 2 7′ 17.45″N, 102 41′ 7.56″E OR 2.121514N, 102.685433E

Follow the dilapidated winding tarred road for about 4 Km until your see a quarry on the right hand side and the stone hill is on the left.

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GPS Coordinates: 2.144589N, 102.688417E Geotag Icon Show on map

Category: Eco-tourism