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RM700 million for eco-tourism

DEVELOPMENT: Project to focus on the natural resources of Johor and Malacca

JOHOR and Malacca will join hands to develop a RM700 million inter-state eco-tourism project focusing on coastal, river and mangrove ecology.

Abdul Razak Minhat on a boat ride as he identifies suitable areas for development. Pic by Shaiffulazhar Misri

Abdul Razak Minhat on a boat ride as he identifies suitable areas for development. Pic by Shaiffulazhar Misri

The plan to tap the natural resources of the two states is in the Malacca-Johor Coastal and River Development Project 2014-2016.

Such development will open a new chapter for Johor tourism, particularly in Muar.

Under the plan, the fishing villages in Kesang Laut and Gersik in Muar, together with Sungai Rambai in Malacca, will have several seafood restaurants and handicraft stores for the convenience of tourists.

Existing jetties for fishermen along Sungai Muar will also be upgraded for tourists.

Serom state assemblyman Abdul Razak Minhat said such cooperation is lauded as Muar despite having many tourist attractions has often been overlooked in the past.

He said Sungai Muar has a panaromic view which is sure to fascinate eco-tourists.

“We have fireflies, seafood, orchards, homestays and aqua culture which is sure to attract tourists. The river also has plenty of prawns. This will attract anglers.

“By using boats as a means of transport between Sungai Rambai in Malacca and Gersik in Muar, with stopovers in between, I am sure we can sell our products well,” he said.

The boat journey from Malacca to Muar is estimated at between four and five hours.

There will be a homestay programme in Gersik for the convenience of tourists who want to experience tranquility and the simple life in a rural area before making their trip back to Malacca the next day.

He said the project will benefit fishermen in Kesang Laut and Serom, as demand for their catch will increase with more eateries opening up.

“At Kesang Laut, we plan to set up a resort and upgrade the existing recreational facilities. Ultimately, we hope to turn Kesang Laut into a seafood paradise.

“We also plan to build a resort in Gersik,” he said.

A beautification project will also be launched to ensure the riverbank is clean.

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