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Sai Kee 434 Coffee

Any old Muarian shall know that “434” brand is a coffee from Sai Kee, a coffee roaster with its root dates back to 50 years ago. 434 actually is telephone number in the 60s adopted by Sai Kee’s founder Ah Sai for his multi-racial customers to recognize and remember his coffee powder.

Kopi-O from 434 is special in its color, taste, fragrance and flavor and always be favorite by local people. Sai Kee is also selling other coffee products like espresso coffee.

Sipping a cup of 434 coffee is something you shall not miss when you are visiting Muar. The traditional set of toasted Hainan bread and half-boiled eggs is nostalgic choice of breakfast for many Malaysians like me.

Where is Sai Kee Kedai Kopi (Coffee Shop)?

The main shop is opposite the Pagoh Bus Station. The food served in cafe is halal, suitable for Muslims.

Sai Kee Kopi Serbok Sdn. Bhd.
34, Jalan Maharani, 84000 Muar, Johor.

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GPS Coordinates: 2.05165N, 102.571527E Geotag Icon Show on map

Category: Chinese Food