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Siang Kong Shan [仙公山], Bukit Bakri

The temple and its attached small garden are still poorly maintained with over grown grasses after its founder passed away in 2006 compared to its glory days in 80s. The founder was instructed by the deity in a dream to buy the tin mining hill site, and he later built the temple for the deity after made his good fortune.

A committee was set up to take care of the temple and raising fund for the beautification purpose.

Only local tourists and devotees will visit the temple and pay homage to the deities.

Since the temple is situated on a hill top, provide visitors with a panoramic view on its beautiful surroundings. Thus, it’s still worthwhile for natural lovers and adventurous tourists to visit Siang Kong Shan.

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GPS Coordinates: 2.01678N, 102.6787E Geotag Icon Show on map

Category: Worship Place