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Simple life in hillside villages of Lenga and Renchong

Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE
Sin Chew Daily

Lenga and Renchong are two small hillside villages located about half an hour drive from Kampung Batu 19 or Paya Redan.

Most Renchong villagers are rubber tappers, oil palm estate owners and fruit farmers, who enjoy drinking coffee and chit chatting at coffee shop after work.

The SJK(C) Renchong located on a hill is surrounded by trees, flowers and grass. The quiet environment makes it a good place to study.

If you continue to drive about 2km, you can then find Lenga. Most villagers are also engaged in agricultural activities and they play badminton or watch TV during free time.

In early days, although Lenga is a small new village, it had two well-equipped cinemas which were located at the main street. However, as time goes by, one of them is now a badminton stadium while the other has been left vacant.

Bukit Kepong is located not far way from Lenga. The Chinese mainly populated in the upstream town by Sungai Muar.

Life here is simple. There is no recreation centre, but only chicken farms and small and medium sized factories. When Bukit Kepong is mentioned, many people will think of the Bukit Kepong Incident in 1950, an armed assault on a police station by the gunmen of Malayan Communist Party during the Malayan Emergency.

The police station was demolished, and the site is turned into a police station museum, recording the development history of local police stations.

The place had once known for its iron ore, attracting many foreign miners.

Today, most villagers in Bukit Kepong are still engaged in agricultural activities.

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