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Sin Si Kong, Bukit Mor [武吉摩仙師宮]

Sin Si Ya (仙師爺) was a local Chinese Kapitan named Sheng Ming Li [盛明利] who was born in 1822 presumably on November 16, a Hakka from Hui Zhou [惠州] of Guangdong Province, China. He was a prominent and highly respected Chinese community leader in Seremban.

He was killed in a civil war between two Malay chieftains for the control and collection of tax from Chinese miners. He was captured and beheaded by his enemy. Yap Ah Loy, his assistant managed to escape and seek refuge in Kuala Lumpur.

Local Chinese community built a temple [芙蓉千古庙] in Rasah Seremban to memorize and worship Kapitan Sheng Ming Li as Sin Si Ya deity for his contribution made in his life. Another temple, Sin Sze Si Ya Temple [仙四师爷庙]was built later in Kuala Lumpur by Yap Ah Loy.

Sin Si Kong, Bukit Mor is one of fifteen temples dedicated to Kapitan Sheng Ming Li. A small garden decorated with natural stones and artificial hills is on the right and back of the compound. The most interesting view is a monkey king statue standing on top of an artificial waterfall.

A small library collects old publications during the Japanese Occupation and artifacts from the temple is displayed in the temple.

The temple was celebrating deity’s birthday during my visit with Taoist priests leading the prayer rituals.

A loris was captured by devotees and displayed in a cage. Had reminded them that keeping loris is illegal and may harmful to public health.

Address: No 63, Bukit Mor, Parit Jawa, 84150 Muar, 84150, Johor.

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Category: Worship Place

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admin says:

The temple caretaker actually is a far relative of mine who stayed with us in a same house at more than 40 years ago.