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State to verify claims of giant catfish

UNSUBSTANTIATED: Fishermen have claimed that ‘baung’ weighing over 30kg exist in the upper reaches of Muar river

Datuk Hoo Seong Chang (right) and Chris Lee were given a tour on a trishaw after launching ‘Muar Discover’ booklet. Pic by Chong Chee Seong

MUAR: THE state government is verifying claims by fishermen that giant catfish, known locally as baung, can be found in the upper reaches of the Muar river. Fishermen had earlier claimed the catfish to be over 30kg in weight.

State Tourism, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs committee chairman Datuk Hoo Seong Chang said he has directed the Johor and Muar tourism authorities and relevant agencies to conduct an immediate investigation.

If indeed the giant catfish exists, Hoo said, they could be yet another tourism draw in Johor.

Hoo was commenting on claims about the presence of giant freshwater catfish in Muar river published in Johor Streets on June 20.

Villagers said these giant catfish are able to jump three metres out of the water to prey on monkeys playing on the low-lying branches over the river.

“If the claims are true, the giant catfish can be used to promote tourism in Muar,” Hoo said after launching the Muar Discover booklet last Friday.

The launch was part of the second phase of Let’s Visit Muar campaign, launched two years ago and organised by the Bentayan Village coordinating committee (JPMM Bentayan) chairman Chris Lee Ching Yong.

In phase one, the 2012 edition of Muar tourist maps were distributed. Hoo said he would also look into udang galah (freshwater lobsters) fishing in Muar river as a new tourism product.

In a separate function later, Hoo also launched two books titled Impressions of Muar and Muar Travel Guide.

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Category: Tourism News