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Street art in Muar

Street art is currently a trend in Malaysia. A young furniture designer decided to quit her job and return to her hometown in Muar from Kuala Lumpur to pursue her dream. She started to paint on street walls to promote local eco-tourism.

Former furniture designer Wei An Ning, 23, is now a freelancer. She thinks that Muar is a good place and thus, decided to promote local eco-tourism activities with her partners.

She found a resort near Tanjung Labuh and believes that it is a good place for eco-tourism.

Therefore, she started to paint on street walls based on the eco-tourism theme.

She had never painted on street wall before and now, she paints mainly based on inspiration. She started the work in last December and the project is still in the progress.

Her kampung style paintings are very dynamic and she painted every corner of the resort with colours, so that guests can enjoy the aroma of nature.

The comical expressions of the kampung children in her paintings make people feel good and some guests even imitate the facial expressions of the children.

“Whenever people ask me where my freelance work is based, I will categorically answer Muar!” Wei added that she likes Muar even more after returning from Kuala Lumpur and living in Muar makes her feel like having a holiday.

“If you want to develop arts and culture, you must do it somewhere you like!” She said that her parents had opposed to her decision of quitting her job, but she did not change her mind. Instead, she worked hard to convince her parents.

Today, every time after completing a painting, she will take photos to show her parents.

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Category: Tourism News