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Sultan to visit Panchor

Photo courtesy of Sin Chew Daily.

Photo courtesy of Sin Chew Daily.

HISTORIC OCCASION: Sultan Ibrahim to meet his subjects and unveil a replica of Muar River’s famous freshwater prawn at the jetty.

MUAR: THE Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, will have a busy schedule when the Kembara Mahkota Johor (KMJ) tour reaches Panchor in Muar tomorrow.

District Officer Abdul Rahman Mohamed Dewam said, upon arrival, the Sultan will head to the Panchor jetty to enable him to see for himself the rich freshwater prawn breeding grounds in the Muar river.

While there, Sultan Ibrahim is also expected to unveil a replica of a freshwater prawn and sign a plaque. He will also witness a series of games on the river like catching ducks on a kayak, boat races and menarik bubu (retrieving fish traps).

Abdul Rahman said, after the event in Panchor, the Sultan will head to the Istana in Muar where he will spend a night.

Cultural shows and other activities have been scheduled to celebrate Sultan Ibrahim’s visit.

“On Sunday, thousands of people are expected to line both sides of Jalan Petrie and Jalan Maharani from the Istana to the Sultan Ismail bridge to greet the Sultan as he makes his way to Ledang,” said Abdul Rahman.

Meanwhile, Tong Tien Seng, who operates a restaurant in Panchor offering freshwater prawn specialities, said the prawn grew extremely well during the current season.

He said the prawn can fetch prices ranging between RM38 and RM48 per kilogramme, depending on the size.

Tong, who was the former Panchor Village Community chief, said many tourists and visitors from all over the country and Singapore came to Panchor to catch the prawn.

He said they would rent fishing boats and fish for hours under mangrove trees in the river.

“Panchor should be transformed into a tourist destination,” said Tong.

“There is a great demand for the fleshy Muar freshwater prawns as the Muar river is one of the few places in the country where the freshwater prawns can be fished from.”

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Category: Tourism News

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admin says:

Besides Panchur, these places like Gersik, Kundang Ulu, Lenga and Bukit Kepong where “udang galah” are also plentiful. At least Johor sultan is aware the eco-tourism potential for Muar river which is ignored by state government for too long.

The Chinese restaurant beside the Panchur jetty serves delicious fried salty prawn. The photos of MCA leaders like Chua Soi Lek are displayed on the wall. LOL