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Sungai Gersik Hot Spring

The Sungai Gersik Hot Spring is well-maintained park and its spring water is crystal clear. Public amenities like toilet, Muslim prayer room, free parking lots, etc. are available for free. The water temperature is about 48 Celsius as I measured it with a digital thermometer.

The place is opened from 7 am to 7 pm and no overnight stay is allowed. Admission is free to locals and foreigners.

The Sungai Gersik hot spring in Muar is gaining popularity as a tourist attraction with hundreds of people flocking there, especially on the weekends and public holidays. The spring, which was discovered over 100 years ago in the peaty area, was believed to have healing power due to its high sulfur content.

How to get there?

From Muar, follow federal road to Batu Pahat, the junction to Sungai Gersik is at about 28 Km from Muar city or 13 km after Parit Jawa. The hot spring is located at 4 Km from the main road.

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GPS Coordinates :: N1.940900 E102.741300 Geotag Icon Show on map

Category: Leisure

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Editor says:

A suggestion to Muar City Council to build sauna rooms for high-end tourists. I do not mind to pay a fee to enjoy sauna bath in a private room. The service can be managed by local villagers.