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Sungai Mati Oxbow Lake

Muar and Ledang districts have vast expanse of landscape with its lush greenery countryside, Muar River basin and Ledang forest reserve are untapped jewels for eco-tourism. Sungai Mati Oxbow Lake is one of them.

Sungai Mati oxbow lake is only one of its kind in West Malaysia. Ironically, the lake is situated right beside the residence of incumbent Johor Menteri Besar is neglected by the government for its potential in eco-tourism.

The oxbow lake is a 9 km loop from end to end and easily accessible from Sungai Mati town.

Pulau Penarik surrounded by ox-bow lake has vast expanse of paddy field and oil palm plantation scenery, refreshing and crisp air is a bird watching haven. It is a wetland habitat for migratory birds, a field observation revealed a thriving existence of avian life which included the Purple Heron, Little Egrets, Lesser Whistling Duck, Moorhens, Common Iora, etc.

Also an ideal spot for doing all kinds of hobbies and outdoor activities such as fishing, jogging, bicycling, kayaking, etc.

The threat from a cement factory, untreated sewage and fertilizer on air and water quality of oxbow lake is imminent.

It’s right time for Tourism Ministry and Johor government work together to preserve and promote Sungai Mati Oxbow Lake to the world and bring more job opportunities to rural folks in Sungai Mati, Ledang.

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Photo credits goes to Mr. Henry Goh, Mr. Vincent Ng and Mr. Andrew Sia.

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GPS Coordinates: 2.135659N, 102.572994E Geotag Icon Show on map

About Sungai Mati (Quoted from Wikipedia)

Sungai Mati (‘dead river’ in Malay) is a small town in the state of Johor, Malaysia. It is situated between the towns of Tangkak and Muar.

Sungai Mati was named in such a way (dead river) is due to its nature of being an ox-bow lake. It formed or breakaway from main river of Muar River. The “breakaway” cause by a massive flood in early 1900s (not traceable). Before the breakaway Sungai Mati was on the Muar river bank (northern bank) and was a river port.

Before the breakaway Sungai Mati was named ‘li hong kang’ 利丰港. It means a prosperous port. Until now, the Chinese community still using the same name, which carries both extreme meaning. In fact it was an inland/river port. Muar River and Pahang River in combination was a very important east-west crossing route for traditional river transport. The route called “Laluan Penarikan”, which is documented and available in Malaysia secondary history text. The piece of land surrounded by the ex-bow lake and Muar River in combination is called Pulau Penarik.

In early 1970s, there were some remaining traces of the river port. There was landing of jetty at the end of Jalan Raja, the current location of bridge linking Sungai Mati and Pulau Penarik. On the current badminton and tennis court on the left of Jalan Raja, diagonally opposite incumbent Johor Menteri Besar resident, were old warehouses.

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