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Swimming pool long neglected

By Jamaludin Husin

EYESORE:Locals see potential in complex and want its deplorable condition improved immediately

The complex’s decrepit and rundown condition pillars and walls is an eyesore. Pic by Jamaludin Husin

MUAR’s Tanjung Emas swimming pool complex’s deplorable condition has remained unchanged for the past 10 years.

Although work to clear rubbish and overgrown shrubs were carried out from time to time, no repairs had taken place to make the facility usable.

Checks revealed that the complex’s decrepit pillars and walls have become an eyesore to the locals. The water in the pool is stagnant.

Local resident, Ahmad Abas, 67, urged the local authority to carry out immediate repair works, especially since Muar was announced a royal town early this year.

“This is not good for the town’s image. Furthermore, we may never discover local talents in swimming. Even the complex’s office here is not in a good condition.

“Something should be done about it. I believe many will use the facility once the repairs are done.”

Another resident, Nasir Abdullah, 45, said the complex was located at a strategic area, where a number of homestays or mini resorts could be built to complement the facility. [News source]

Category: Complaint & Travel Alert