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Tangkak is a district capital of Tangkak (was Muar Utara), situated in the northern part of Johor. It lies in close proximity to the neighbouring state of Melaka, especially to Jasin town. Ledang district covers the area at the northern side of Muar River.

These below villages and towns are falling under the jurisdiction of Ledang.

  • Bukit Kangar
  • Kampung Teratai
  • Gersik
  • Kundang Ulu
  • Kebun Baru
  • Sagil
  • Tangkak
  • Sungai Mati
  • Sungai Senduk
  • Parit Bunga
  • Bukit Gambir
  • Serom
  • Senggang
  • Bekok

Tangkak is known as the Malaysian textile haven with more than forty textile shops are flourishing along its main street  Here, visitors can find an endless choice of different types of textile and fabric products. The choices on offer range from locally produced material to imported products from other countries including Asia and Europe.

How to get there?
Driving from North-South Highway, take the Tangkak exit and head to Tangkak town. The distance from the Tangkak exit to Tangkak town is only 5 minutes driving span.

It is about 2 hours travel time from Kuala Lumpur and about half an hours drive from Melaka city centre.

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GPS Coordinates: 2.266589N, 102.538889E Geotag Icon Show on map

Category: About Tangkak

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Anderson Teo says:


Thank you for your good work on this website. Malaysia towns has always a special lure for someone like me who live in the city all my life.

I have seen from a documentory about a certain Mr Chia from Tangkak whose family business is in the durian plantation. They export durians to Singapore daily during the seasons and they also have a shop front (possibly in Tangkak) that caters to customer that comes by the bus load to savour thier durians. May I know if you have any location info of this shop in Tangkak?

Andy from Singapore.