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The Glutton Street (Jalan Haji Abu between Jalan Merium and Jalan Ali)

There are several cinemas nearby the glutton street in the old days before 80s, the cinema audiences would congregated at the street for a supper after the show. Due to many hawkers serving a wide variety of local delicacies for hungry patrons, the small stretch of Jalan Abu was slowly called as the Glutton Street by local Chinese residents.

Nowadays The Glutton Street is operating from the noon to evening (from about 11AM to 8PM).

Otak-otak is still the main magnet to tourists and local folks who flocking to Glutton Street. [Photo #4]

Pork satay is a new satay derivative introduced by the Muar hawker as early as 80s, you should try it out. [Photo #5]

Yuan Kee roasted duck and chicken rice on the roadside stall is believed the original version. [Photo #6]

Oyster omelette in Muar is one of best local specialty food. [Photo #9]

Hainan curry chicken rice in Lu Shan restaurant is also another Muar iconic food. [Photo #10]

Other dishes you can find like red roasted meat rice, Teochew braised duck rice, Teochew fish soup porridge, Char Kway Teow, Wanton mee, Nyonya snacks, pau, dough fritters (Yu Char Kuih), Seremban Siew Pau, etc.

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Category: Chinese Food